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Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Helping you to take control of your life

Clinical Hypnosis Can help with

the following

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help:

Pain Control

Fears & Phobia

Stress & Anxiety 

Restful Sleep



Self-esteem/Ego boosting

Habit breaking

Anger management

Assertiveness training


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

Relationship difficulties

Bereavement or Grief or Loss

Emotional distress

Eating disorders

Weight Control

Confidence building

Personal development



and much more....

Not sure if it's the right thing for you?

Just call and have a conversation to find out more.

clinical Hypnosis Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Mindfulness,

Clinical Hypnosis

Uses the power of suggestion, it helps you change the things you want to change, by helping your subconscious understand and accept that a new behaviour is required. It isn't mind control, or sleep, it is simply a way of allowing your own mind to help you change something for the better. 

Hypnosis is often misunderstood because of the use of stage hypnosis performers, who use it as a means of entertainment. 

Clinical Hypnosis is safe, you will not do anything you don't want to do, or lose control. Everything that is discussed is done so in a professionally ensuring your confidentiality at all times.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

CBT is a process, teaching clients to question their thoughts behaviours and emotions.

It empowers clients by first, fully explaining and aiding their understanding and getting an agreement for the changes needed, establishing a sense of recognition for their triggers and the unhelpful or negative emotions that result in the stress, or anxiety etc. that they experience.

Then helping to make the behavioural changes needed to impact of the emotions and change them too.

"man is not disturbed by events, but by the view he takes of those events"



Mindfulness is a meditation that teaches "being in the moment and simply observing it", it is a way of allowing the mind to focus and settle, and in time become calmer, quieter.

It is a practice, and requires sometime each day to really get the benefit, but even 3 minuets each day can help.

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