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Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Helping you to take control of your life

Terms & Conditions

All fees and charges are listed on the website and kept up to date, a small annual increase occurs at the start of the year to cover inflation, and any change in the hourly rate will be notified to you prior to the change.  

Fees are payable at each session by SMS electronic transfer or direct debit / electronic payment, or card payment. Due to Covid - 19 cash payments have an added risk, and I therefore ask that cash is only used if absolutely necessary. 

  • Hypnotherapy in no way guarantees a cure, or is a guarantee for success.
  • Therapy is covered by the CNHC & BSCH BPS in accordance with code of ethics and guidelines.
  • All information is confidential and treated as such inline with GDPR data protection.
  • A full case history will be taken, the client will fully inform the therapist of all issues, medications, and keep updated any changes to the above during the duration of therapy or in future sessions. 
  • The client will undertake to work away and in-between sessions where required.
  • Attending on time and agree to notify any changes to appointments with 24 hrs notice or as soon as possible.
  • Contact between sessions will be via phone text email or private message or letter, or as agreed at the first session.
  • Permission to recorded will be asked for if needed by either party.
  • Notification must be given of any impending court cases.
  • Permission will be requested if there is a need to write to a GP where a clinical diagnosis or medications could have implications, to ensure safe practice is maintained.
  • Please note: In accordance with the data protection GDPR Act 2018, your personal information will be kept on a paper record form for 3 months after our last session, in case of return for any reason, and after that a new update will be required, as the paper form will be shredded and destroyed. All client clinic notes are confidential and are held in accordance with regulations.

All clients are made aware of the T&C's at the start of therapy and upon agreeing to work together agree to these terms.