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Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Helping you to take control of your life


Most sessions are booked for 1 hour and at 30 mins blocks there after.

 Stop smoking is over one or two sessions as required.

Therapy per 1 hour      £70.00

Stop smoking             £190.00

Please try to give 24 hrs notice  to cancel appointments. 

Missed appointments are charged at the standard rate, for wasted time. 

Prices are reviewed April 1st each year.


Terms & Conditions

Check that your therapist is Qualified

B.S.C.H. Register


Qualified and registered Clinical Supervisor

Supervision £55 per hour

Prices are reviewed April 1st each year.


Questions people ask

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different, so for some two or three sessions will help them start to reduce their symptoms, while for more deeply rooted conditions it may take longer.

Stopping smoking is normally achived in one or two sessions.

Will I go to sleep?

No, you will stay awake, and drift with your own thoughts, and aware of all that is going on around you.

Will I be ok to drive after therapy?

Yes, your therapist will ensure you are fully awake and alert, before your session ends.

What is Clinical hypnosis? 

It is not the same as the stage shows or entertainment hypnosis you may have seen portrayed on TV.

It focuses your attention on words and ideas. It uses your own ability to remember and imagine and create new thoughts based on your own experiences and learning, changing behaviour, thoughts and feelings and symptoms that match your needs.

It can't make you do anything you don't want to.

It uses relaxation, to help you access your own sub conscious thinking and bypass the autonomic nervous system's stress response.