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Working with CFS/ME Fibromyalgia IBS and associated conditions

The NEW Hi5 Protocol was developed in Axminster with volunteers who had been suffering with the long term symptoms of CFS, IBS, Fibromyalgia and associated depression, all those who took part in the testing in 2011 have experenced positive benefits and continued improvements to their symptoms (last reviewed 2013).

The Hi5, is a combination of CBT and Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and training, new responses to old experiences are developed to show how you can continue what you have learned. Using this very simple protocol based on 5 basic steps you can start to take control and create your own future.

As with all therapy, you are the most important component, and your commitment to using what you learn is key to your changed response, to old triggers.

Working with stress related conditions which have resulted in life limiting symptoms such as those experienced with CFS/ME, long term IBS, reactive depression, loss, fibromyalgia etc.

This is a unique protocol and is not available anywhere else, tried and tested with positive responses from all who took part. Although there is a Master class booked for the end of 2014 to teach other qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists the technique.

There are no cures or guarantees, therapy is a collaboration and relies on both Therapist and Client working together to help change take place, in the right way and at the correct pace for each unique person.

The hypnosis used in the Hi5 protocol is not scripted it relies on the solution focused and client centred approach, and is built from the case notes and information gathered.

This is an intensive therapy and you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires, one in advance, and during and after the protocol.

A letter will be sent to your GP to ensure your suitability to under go therapy, as it is rigorous. This is to ensure your safety and suitability to work intensively for the required time. 

Michelle Hague designed and tested the Hi5 Protocol in 2011. The result after one month of her small scale non scientific study, demonstrated that 80% of those who took part experienced a positive response and saw continued and ongoing improvements to their health and wellbeing.

Volunteers who took part were either recommended by their GP or from other London College of Clinical Hypnosis trained Clinical Hypnotherapists, all were local to the south west and able to attend regularly at the clinic in Axminster.

In 2014, just prior to the BSCH conference, many from the original study continued to report that they were still experiencing improved health and wellbeing.

While it is recognised that Michelle's study was a small non scientific study, it's ongoing long term results will stand on their own, and be interpreted accordingly.