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Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Helping you to take control of your life

Things to keep in mind:
  • Times of stress (a cancer diagnosis and treatment and recovery) can create unexpected issues. Different people have different coping strategies and this can lead to clashes.
  • Find ways to express and articulate how you feel to those around you and clearly indicate what you need from them.
  • Talking is key. This is particularly true in an intimate relationship where assumptions can be made. Aim to be solution-focused rather than problem-based in your discussions.

Relationships and Cancer

Hypnotherapy and CBT can help deal with the challenges to your relationships while living with cancer.

Help you avoid communication breakdowns, as everyone has their own way to cope in changing and challenging circumstances that sometimes create clashes and cause conflict. Learning to ask for what you need and having your physical and emotional needs met is important.

Helping you moving forward with your relationships, and the challenges and changes you face.

Intimacy in a relationship is important at any time, and especially so when navigating life with cancer, so meeting your needs and those of your partner, may need to be adressed sensitively and changed, to adapt to you and your special  relationship and physical and emotional or hormonal changes.