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Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Helping you to take control of your life

Michelle Hague BA(Hons)Ed. Cert Ed. PDC Hyp. PDCB Hyp. FBSCH. is a professional private practitioner who has over 20 years of practice, working with stress and anxiety related symptoms. 

 What can you change, to start to live your life the way you want, to be the best you can be.

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Clinical Practice

About Therapy

Having worked from her own established practice Coombe Lane Clinic in Axminster for many years, and moving in 2021  to Dorset she now works from her home practice in Bridport.


Since the onset of the COVID -19 Pandemic, clinic sessions have meant internet video Zoom or Skype sessions. This offers a different way of working, by allow clients to maintain and benefit from therapy without interruption. 

As lockdown eases, many clients will want to return to face to face sessions, although others will prefer to continue therapy online.

 It will be important to follow government advice about safe practice, for the foreseeable  future.

Please be assured that your safety and wellbeing are of fundamental  importance.

COVID-19 Safety Aware.


Changing old learned responses to Stress & Anxiety

Over time people learn to adapt to survive, no matter how stressful their lives, the body and mind adapt to cope. 

In many cases people change continuously, adapting habits and behaviour to meet their circumstances.


When a reaction to stress becomes a habit, and the habit becomes the automatic response, it can become undesirable, and in some cases harmful, for example

 smoking or drinking or over eating.

With clinical and cognitive behavioural hypnosis, alongside mindfulness, those responses and habits can be changed. Giving an opportunity to respond differently in a more helpful and healthy way. 

Helping people to take control of their life.

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What clients have said about my practice

Please be aware the identity of clients who work with me will always remain private. Nothing is shared without clients express permission. 

Confidentiality is also ensured by using only initials.

M.H.W. 08.03. 2021

Clinical & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with Mindfulness

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